Photographer Cedric Terrell // Los Angeles | New York

- Wardrobe


It’s been said that clothes make the man.  And far from its materialistic undertones, how we dress says a lot about the person we present to the world.  At Cedric Terrell Photography, we want you to be your authentic, true self.  To that end, we prefer to photograph you in the clothes you love. 

That said, we have only one rule and a few suggested guidelines when it comes to the clothes you bring:

  • Avoid large prints, large patterns and extremely bright colors
  • Bring layers like jackets, vests, scarves, etc. to add interest and texture
  • Bring multiple colors and cuts 
  • Bring tops with varying necklines to add variety to your looks
  • Consider your eye color and skin tone when selecting garment colors.  For example, blue eyes work well with brown, gray and green tops.  Brown eyes enjoy a wider spectrum of complimentary colors
  • Keep accessories like hair ornaments, jewelry, watches and wristbands to a minimum
  • Make sure your clothes fit and are wrinkle-free
  • You have to love them! (Non-negotiable!)