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The Session


Photographers are everywhere.  But award-winning artistry is hard to come by.  At Cedric Terrell Studios, our goal isn’t just to meet your personal and professional artistic goals; it’s to exceed them—no matter how specific, unique or visionary they are.  That’s why many of our sessions are priced to include:

  • Consultation - An initial consultation to ensure that your expectations are clear and understood. We’ll consider your favorite previous images and wardrobe preferences while brainstorming together to create a vision in line with your personal and professional needs

  • Makeup and Hair - on-set makeup and hair by a professional artist

  • Multiple Looks - multiple background and wardrobe changes

  • Retouching - full retouching of your favorite images

  • Proofing - one-month access to an online, shareable proofing and downloadable gallery

  • One-on-one - collaborative editing session with the photographer in which you’ll choose the shots you love and how you want them to be edited

At Cedric Terrell Studios, you’re not just the center of the frame—you’re the center of the entire process, every step of the way.


No two photography sessions are alike with Cedric Terrell.  That’s because each session is tailored specifically to you and your vision.  Still, there are a few things you can expect, elements that have netted top-quality images each and every time.

On-Location vs. In-Studio Shoots

Based in Los Angeles, Cedric Terrell shoots on location around LA or in his light drenched DTLA studio—though satellite studios are also available in New York City and Washington D.C.  In the past, he has traveled for select shoots subject to availability and individual pricing.  When participating in an in-studio shoot, please arrive on time—not earlier—as we may be finishing with a client. Street parking is available near the studio.


Why professional hair and makeup? The answer is a little counterintuitive but extremely important.  The purpose of makeup is not to conceal but rather to bring out your face’s best qualities—qualities that can get drowned out by the glare of professional studio lighting.  

Cedric’s hair and makeup team has worked with him long enough to understand his style of shooting and the lighting and makeup required for the best results. These makeup professionals also know how to navigate the nuances of every type of skin tone and texture and are masters of a variety of makeup styles.  Whether you’re looking to impress with outrageous color in a high-fashion shoot or want to appear as if you’re wearing no makeup at all, professionals are your best bet when it comes to realizing your desired photographic vision.  Better still, we’ll offer free touch-ups throughout the shoot.

Men Need Makeup, Too

Makeup is highly recommended for men when it comes to professional photography.  Again, it’s about bringing out your best, natural qualities. Our professional makeup artists will conceal imperfections, ensure even skin tone and enhance your overall look in such a way that makeup will be imperceptible in the finished product.  For men with facial hair, our professional artists will work with you to ensure a perfectly groomed look.  Just bring your razor and personal shaving equipment to the shoot to ensure a flawless process. 

What to Expect During Your Hair & Makeup Session

If you’re more comfortable applying your own makeup and doing your own hair, be sure to arrive with your makeup on and your hair done. If you need to perform touch-ups during the session, that’s fine.  Simply bring your choice of cosmetics and we’re happy to assist you.

If you opt to use our professional makeup artists, arrive with clean, lightly moisturized skin. Ensure that your face is clear of makeup to give the makeup artists a clean palette to begin with. Our makeup artists start with a very natural look for cleanliness and will add makeup as your session progresses to give you a range of looks for you to choose from later. 

For hair, arrive with it clean and styled as if you are walking into an audition. The hair stylist will be on set to help with any fly away hair or to change your look with curls, flat-ironing or pony tails for each look.  

While our hair and makeup artists are here to help you realize your vision, remember that you are in charge.  We’ll offer suggestions but only take your direction.  The desired result is a picture-perfect product tailored specifically for you and being as involved as possible in this process should help achieve that. 


It’s been said that clothes make the man.  And far from its materialistic undertones, how we dress says a lot about the person we present to the world.  At Cedric Terrell Studios, we want you to be your authentic, true self.  To that end, we prefer to photograph you in the clothes you love. 

That said, we have only one rule and a few suggested guidelines when it comes to the clothes you bring:

  • Avoid large prints, large patterns and extremely bright colors

  • Bring layers like jackets, vests, scarves, etc. to add interest and texture

  • Bring multiple colors and cuts

  • Bring tops with varying necklines to add variety to your looks

  • Consider your eye color and skin tone when selecting garment colors. For example, blue eyes work well with brown, gray and green tops. Brown eyes enjoy a wider spectrum of complimentary colors

  • Keep accessories like hair ornaments, jewelry, watches and wristbands to a minimum

  • Make sure your clothes fit and are wrinkle-free

  • You have to love them! (Non-negotiable!)


One thing that we pride ourselves on is the fact that clients walk away with very few retouching needs.  We have worked to ensure that our lighting and makeup produce the best possible images

When retouching is desired, we aim to make you look your best while maintaining your integrity. After selecting your favorite shots, specified images will be sent for retouching and then delivered to you digitally. Additional retouched images $30 per image. 

Here is a list of what’s included in basic retouching: 

- Blemish removal 

- Color correction 

- Eye whiting and brightening 

- Under eye treatment 

- Lighting enhancements 

- Teeth whitening 

- Minor stray hairs 

- Background clean-up 

The retouching process normally takes three to four business days. If images are needed in less than 48 hours, a $20 rush fee will be applied to each image and they will be delivered via email.


All bookings require a $200 non-refundable deposit to be paid by credit/debit card, cash, or PayPal. Your balance is due at the time of your session/project. Cash or check are the preferred methods of payment for the remaining balance.

Same day cancellations and no-shows forfeit deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and applied towards the total cost of your session. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to session/project will result in a $75 rescheduling fee. 

We like our clients to be 100% informed, so we appreciate you for taking the time to read all this pertinent information. If you still have questions feel free to ask. Our associates are happy to help you.