Photographers are everywhere.  But award-winning artistry is hard to come by.  At Cedric Terrell Studios, our goal isn’t just to meet your personal and professional artistic goals; it’s to exceed them—no matter how specific, unique or visionary they are.  That’s why many of our sessions are priced to include:

  • Consultation - An initial consultation to ensure that your expectations are clear and understood. We’ll consider your favorite previous images and wardrobe preferences while brainstorming together to create a vision in line with your personal and professional needs
  • Makeup and Hair - on-set makeup and hair by a professional artist 
  • Multiple Looks - multiple background and wardrobe changes  
  • Retouching - full retouching of your favorite images 
  • Proofing - one-month access to an online, shareable proofing and downloadable gallery
  • One-on-one - collaborative editing session with the photographer in which you’ll choose the shots you love and how you want them to be edited

At Cedric Terrell Studios, you’re not just the center of the frame—you’re the center of the entire process, every step of the way.


No two photography sessions are alike with Cedric Terrell.  That’s because each session is tailored specifically to you and your vision.  Still, there are a few things you can expect, elements that have netted top-quality images each and every time.

On-Location vs. In-Studio Shoots

Based in Washington, DC, Cedric Terrell shoots on location around the District or in his historic carriage house-turned-studio on Capitol Hill—though satellite studios are also available in Los Angeles and New York City.  In the past, he has traveled for select shoots subject to availability and individual pricing.  When participating in an in-studio shoot, please arrive on time—not earlier—as we may be finishing with a client. Street parking is available near the studio.

 Studio Portrait Session - Army vet and breast cancer survivor Mylee Yc

Studio Portrait Session - Army vet and breast cancer survivor Mylee Yc

 On-locaton men's fashion shoot - Model Bayardo Barrios

On-locaton men's fashion shoot - Model Bayardo Barrios


How Many Shots?

We shoot until we get the best possible shot. We estimate that each shoot produces about 60-70 deliverable shots.

In order to get the best photo, we’ll photograph you in various looks based on your needs and package selection.  Looks include variations in backgrounds, lighting schemes, makeup/hair, settings and wardrobe.  We like to offer a wide range of looks and the accompanying backdrops and lighting schemes needed to produce them so that you are able to use multiple shots for different artistic, marketing or personal purposes.  

What to Bring and How to Prepare

Inspirational shots: During your consultation phase, feel free to bring any past photographs—either of yourself or photographs you admire—for directional purposes. 

Makeup: If you’re planning to use our stylists (and we suggest you do), there is no need to bring your cosmetics bag.  Simply arrive with clean, lightly moisturized skin.  If you plan on doing your own makeup, please apply it before you arrive.  Your hair should be styled to your liking before arrival in all cases.  Stylists will be on hand to make modifications if and when necessary. Read more about our hair and makeup services here

Wardrobe: Bring plenty of your favorite items—clean and wrinkle-free.  Cedric may choose to shoot more looks than expected or you may decide to modify mid-shoot.  It’s important for you to feel comfortable in clothes you love to wear because that comfort always comes through in pictures.  See our guidelines for selecting the perfect wardrobe here

After the Shoot: Editing and Proofing 

 Example of proof gallery - Model Max La Manna - Click Models LA

Example of proof gallery - Model Max La Manna - Click Models LA

Example of proof gallery - Model Max La Manna - Click Models LA

After your shoot, Cedric will edit through all of the shots with you. By shooting and editing together, we can adjust the focus of the shots and account for anything that we feel we may have missed. You will be part of the process the whole time and we will discuss the progress of the shoot as a team. This ensures that you are pleased with the outcome of the session and that we can immediately address any concerns.

After you leave, you’ll be granted access to an online proofing gallery that you’ll be able to share with agents, casting directors, family, friends and anyone else who might help you select your favorite shots for two months from the date of the shoot.  Within that time frame, you’ll be able to order your favorite shots for printing and retouching—the first of which is on the house!