Why professional hair and makeup? The answer is a little counterintuitive but extremely important.  The purpose of makeup is not to conceal but rather to bring out your face’s best qualities—qualities that can get drowned out by the glare of professional studio lighting.  

Cedric’s hair and makeup team has worked with him long enough to understand his style of shooting and the lighting and makeup required for the best results. These makeup professionals also know how to navigate the nuances of every type of skin tone and texture and are masters of a variety of makeup styles.  Whether you’re looking to impress with outrageous color in a high-fashion shoot or want to appear as if you’re wearing no makeup at all, professionals are your best bet when it comes to realizing your desired photographic vision.  Better still, we’ll offer free touch-ups throughout the shoot.

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Men Need Makeup, Too

Makeup is highly recommended for men when it comes to professional photography.  Again, it’s about bringing out your best, natural qualities. Our professional makeup artists will conceal imperfections, ensure even skin tone and enhance your overall look in such a way that makeup will be imperceptible in the finished product.  For men with facial hair, our professional artists will work with you to ensure a perfectly groomed look.  Just bring your razor and personal shaving equipment to the shoot to ensure a flawless process. 

What to Expect During Your Hair & Makeup Session

If you’re more comfortable applying your own makeup and doing your own hair, be sure to arrive with your makeup on and your hair done. If you need to perform touch-ups during the session, that’s fine.  Simply bring your choice of cosmetics and we’re happy to assist you.

If you opt to use our professional makeup artists, arrive with clean, lightly moisturized skin. Ensure that your face is clear of makeup to give the makeup artists a clean palette to begin with. Our makeup artists start with a very natural look for cleanliness and will add makeup as your session progresses to give you a range of looks for you to choose from later. 

For hair, arrive with it clean and styled as if you are walking into an audition. The hair stylist will be on set to help with any fly away hair or to change your look with curls, flat-ironing or pony tails for each look.  

While our hair and makeup artists are here to help you realize your vision, remember that you are in charge.  We’ll offer suggestions but only take your direction.  The desired result is a picture-perfect product tailored specifically for you and being as involved as possible in this process should help achieve that.