Headshot Monday Part 1

In light of our recent event, the Headshot Marathon DC, we wanted to give you all more of Cedric's headshot work.  Here we have Hazel, a new actress who wants to keep her options open for acting, and therefore needed a wide array of headshots. We had a great time, and look forward to seeing her work soon. 


As always, we used top-of-the-line equipment, including Hensel lights, Manfrotto gear, and a Nikon camera. Special thanks to Hazel and all the other actors and actresses who participated in this event, and in the weekly Headshot Mondays.


Often I am asked what happens with retouching. So here is a little information, so you have a better understanding. Here at Cedric Terrell Photography, we do our best to maintain the integrity of YOU, in your photo. So we keep it simples, especially on headshots. Our key things are: color adjustments, stray hairs, minor blemishes and other minor issues. We try not to go overboard.

Now of course, some people want more and so we give you more. But know our goal is to make you look like yourself.

Here is a before and after example of retouching on a headshot:

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The shoot that ending in flashing lights

Yesterday we had a great shoot downtown and in Rock Creek Park with model Richard Lafleur. It was crazy cold but we made it through. Now about those flashing lights. Someone drive by the shoot and thought there my camera was a gun. How they confused a D700 with a rifle, I have no idea, but it happen. Right as we were returning to the vehicle to wrap things up, flashing lights appeared behind us. First shoot ever ending in a pat down. Of course all turned out ok, just another funny story to tell future clients.

Here are a few shots, unedited, from the shoot. Enjoy and keep an eye out for much more.

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