Inspired by Beauty

I am always on the look for for inspiration and as a photographer/artist you have to. I came across a beauty editorial a few months ago and some many things about it caught my attention. But what stuck out to me the most was how crisp and clean the images looked. So I set out o recreate my own interpretation of this shoot. My MUA and I found an amazing model and were able to pull clothing from La Petite Marmoset. All of the hair and make-up was done by Chris Rushton. Also, all make-up was from Mac Cosmetics.

Before we show you the final images, here is a behind the scenes video:

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

And the final images:

Urban Heights - Fashion Editorial

A little over a month ago I was was walking home and noticed the way the light his the fire escape on my building. The area is just off the busy street, but at times seems miles away. I decided that it would be a great location for  a shoot and I knew just what I wanted to do! We cast for models and came across Clifford. He was actually a model that I had previously worked with, on a project I was hired to shoot last year in Virginia.

My assitant Mikaela and developed a shot list, checked lighting and figured out what time of day would be best for this on location shoot.

The shot list was set, the model selected and now, we had to deal with mother nature, as the clouds did not want to behave that day, but we made it work.

I had two main goals in this session, effortless styling and to make it not look like DC. Ah yes, and to keep it editorial.

So we styled the model in jeans and boots and a few other accessories that would appear as products; he needed to be selling something.

Like so many shoots, my creative mind takes over and I notice little things, that turn into ideas and guide the shoot. During this shoot, I figured out that I could stand on one building and have the model on the other. Was a killer idea if I do say so myself....which I do.

The final shot of the day was another shot not planned, but came to me as we were walking down the stairs. I had the model lay down on the stairs and I shot him from above. I love this image. It almost makes it look like he is standing, until you notice the stairs.


And here are the final images from this shoot!

Headshot Monday Spotlight: Don Mike

During the Headshot Marathon, I had an amazing shoot with an experienced DC actor, Don Mike. He hosts a music event every Thursday at the Black Fox Lounge, something which you all should definitely check out. While we only had two looks to work with, we absolutely nailed it. He was fun to work with and very professional about the whole process.  

Photographer's tips:

Be careful if you're wearing glasses at a shoot; if they're not anti-glare, they could pose a problem with all the lights that could reflect back off of them.

BE YOURSELF! Don't overdue makeup or anything that will make you look less like your true self. In the end, it's better to go natural than to walk into an audition and be unrecognizable from your headshot.  Wow them with your talent, not with smoke and mirrors.ImageImageImageImage

Headshot Monday Part 1

In light of our recent event, the Headshot Marathon DC, we wanted to give you all more of Cedric's headshot work.  Here we have Hazel, a new actress who wants to keep her options open for acting, and therefore needed a wide array of headshots. We had a great time, and look forward to seeing her work soon. 


As always, we used top-of-the-line equipment, including Hensel lights, Manfrotto gear, and a Nikon camera. Special thanks to Hazel and all the other actors and actresses who participated in this event, and in the weekly Headshot Mondays.

A Shoot with Matt

Today, I had a shoot with a a new model named Matt who was looking to expand his portfolio. Overall, it was a great shoot, and the unedited photos prove it. Matt is one of those models that have range. He is a little older than he looks, and has the ability to play different areas of the age spectrum. The shoot was mostly in natural light, with a few reflectors. And for some of the bed shots we bounced single fill light. Here’s a taste of what we got.